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First WELL Heath and Safety Rating co-working

2gethr, ORR—Now a Global Leader in Health and Wellness

In one of our biggest career milestones so far, our collaboration with the innovative co-working space 2gethr has yielded a tremendous global recognition. It has officially been certified as the world’s first “Health-Safety Rated Co-working Space’ by International Well Being Institute (IWBI).

The design, geared towards the safety and well-being of the employees in mind, has built a shared environment where learning and collaborating has taken center stage—alongside employee safety and security. This unbeatable protective shield has helped it stand tall, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The workplace meets and exceeds all criteria regarding health and wellness from IWBI. This includes:

  • Purified air supply: A below 50 AQI, optimum CO2 levels, UV lamps to treat air inflow and maintaining of latest ASHRAE standards
  • Clean water supply: RO+ and UV filters, strategically placed water dispensers and ensuring turbidity remains non-existent.
  • Healthy natural light supply: Direct inflow of natural light, human-centric lighting and LUX lighting that inculcate warmth and coziness.
  • Provision of proper nourishment: Healthiest possible food availible; rich in nutrients and macro-nutrients, proper calorie content and artificial sweeteners.
  • Ideal sound modulation: Maintaining the latest acoustic standard as per guidelines, double gypsum partitions with 135 mm thick glass.
  • Usage of premium materials: Toxin-free materials of the highest quality as per the CDPH (California Department of Public Health) guidelines, with requisite cleaning and maintenance guidelines.
  • Building mindfulness: Provisions for mental health and wellness support, workshops, literature and design elements that support it.
  • Creating Thermal Comfort: Suitable thermostat settings, optimum comfort levels and humidity maintained through the space.
  • Building a community: Focus on creating an unbeatable and unshakable sense of community and togetherness.

The workplace also stands tall as a safeguard against the COVID-19 pandemic. It prescribes to the below three important criteria:

  • COVID-19 sanitization: Making handwashing a compulsory practice, with detachable, closed containers and paper towels.
  • Reducing contact: Eliminating frequency of contact with high-touch surfaces and person-person touchpoints.
  • State-of-the-art cleaning practices: Sanitation and hazard criteria that meet the highest standards with global regulatory bodies.

As always, the results speak for themselves— statistics and figures clearly demonstrate the overall health and safety cover around the employees. Offering an exhibition of the overall level of safety.

  • 64% reduction in reported allergy problems.
  • 58% reduction in respiratory problems.
  • 67% reduction in absenteeism.
  • 85% overall employee satisfaction.

Not only that, they offer valuable economic benefits to the organization itself. These can also be clearly tracked and measured.

  • 42% increase in value addition compared to competitors.
  • 80% improved workplace performance.
  • 34% boost to overall company yearly savings.

Overall, the design displays an all-around functional excellence that puts it in a league of its own and helps it stand out among the esteemed competition in the innovative co-working segment.


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