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Bringing in Wellness to the Workspace!

It isn’t just the need of the hour. It is what the future demands. And it most definitely isn’t a temporary fad. It is time-tested and future-proof.

Wellness is much more than a practice. It will have to be a culture.

For most people, the workplace is a second home. It is also the same people that are the heart and soul of an organization–responsible for its growth, success, and prosperity. Their welfare is directly proportional to the growth of the organization. For an organization to achieve its goals, it is vital that it focuses on its workforce’s health, safety, and well-being. It would do well for the organization if it considers the concept of well-being as something that is non-negotiable and vital.

Make wellness an ingrained culture!

All the major elements of wellness, as per IWBI–air, water, nourishment, lighting, sound, materials, movement, thermal comfort, mind, innovation, community–play a crucial role in making people realize their true potential to the extent that it boosts their efficiency. An organization has to offer mental, physical, and even spiritual fortification to them. Considering wellness completes the whole picture of people and the work culture. And the benefits work beyond the workplace too.

It’s easy to understand the role each element plays in making a workplace well. It however is a bit more challenging to fully grasp why it is not an option, but a need. Whatever the nature of the profession or the size of the organization with whichever teams involved–the need is to take some time, take a deep breath and understand that it is needed, and why it should be demanded by those who view their work as a foundation.

Explore the avenues of wellness

Let’s move on to understand how to implement the facets of the elements.

Zyeta’s ‘human-centric’ design has already been a foundation for over 350+clients. But our work goes far beyond just that. Our special WELL consultation program also helps your workplace achieve the official IWBI-Accredited WELL ‘Health-Safety’ rating. If your workplace wasn’t ‘well’ before; it will very well match and exceed global standards after we collaborate on its transformation.

This is not a proposition. It is more like a promise. Let us elaborate.

In the next phase of our campaign, join us as we give you the facts on what we aim to achieve for your workplace through our program. Explore all the details in a creative, informative way. We want to be honest, fair, and truthful in showing you what we can deliver. We want you to experience the reason why we have been lifelong purveyors and students of wellness.

We truly believe we can empower your organizations through our work and take them to the next level. You are on an exciting journey and we are here to guide you further on why you need wellness in your work and ultimately your life.

Stay tuned for more exciting things.

We wish you WELL.


Aparna, the Research Head at Zyeta, with her research prowess uncovers valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. Collaborating seamlessly with Zyeta designers, she ensures that her research aligns perfectly with clients' design needs. This synergy results in optimized resource allocation, strategic choices, and outstanding project outcomes, making her expertise an indispensable advantage for clients seeking a successful workspace for their organisation.

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