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How Collaboration Still Rules in the Age of Hybrid Work

Microsoft calls it ‘The Next Great Disruption’ in work-life.

With vaccinations ramping up all over, there has emerged a silver lining for companies to reopen their offices to accommodate more than the previously proposed workforce of 50%. However, as is all but common knowledge–these workplaces will not look and feel the same as they did before. Enter the hybrid work model. Commonly described as a blended model–where some employees work from office, and others from home- this revamped model is here to stay. Going forward, the new normal is where hybrid working will be the primary agenda of some of the top organizations globally.

While the duties may be split in terms of place, the crux of what makes work-life great will still be intact. Which is to say: collaboration. As a basic tenet of a great work-culture–and by extension, the organization—collaboration will be the pull factor. However, organizations will have to adapt and learn to foster it to suit the new paradigm.

Let’s explore some ways as to how.

Through Collaborative Digital Platforms

These played a vital role in the early stages of the pandemic in keeping collaboration alive. Offering a virtual solution to communication and various processes that require teamwork and coordination. In so much, adoption of digital platforms became a vital part of employees’ lives and a regular ritual. As life in the workplace slowly resumes, these will not lose a single iota of importance.

They will still be utilized in ensuring that communication remains intact and seamless as the workplace shifts to the hybrid model. They offer an avenue to both employees in the officer–and those at home–to work together in sync. The show must go on, and these platforms will reinforce that synchronization.

Through Leadership Attitudes and Culture

Both in the best and worst of times–leaders’ decisions matter. And in a transitory phase, they will be more responsible than ever. Hybrid work may be a big part of the ‘new normal’–but leaders must determine to what degree it really suits and fits their work culture. Leaders and department heads also must determine–on how to keep collaboration and flexibility intact, with minimal disruptions to the process. In that sense, leaders must picture how the culture they worked so hard for, should thrive to its best during hybrid work.

Decisions will also have to be made regarding aspects like hiring, employee support, tackling burnout–and constant employee engagement. More importantly, the foundations for what will comprise work-life in the hybrid model and further policies will help it thrive.

Through Rules and Best Practices

Rules. Ethics. Best practices. These things matter. And play a vital role in ensuring that engagement and collaboration remain engaging for everyone in a hybrid workplace. It’s good to establish boundaries when it comes to communication and collaboration in such a setup. There should not be any feelings of discrepancies and insecurity between the employees and people working on both sides of the aisle–and equality should reign. There should also be measures to ensure that scheduling and division of tasks remain proper and adequate.

Following the protocols necessary for great work will ensure that there is maximum engagement, focus and productivity–and minimal disruption and discrepancy in the work-life.

In Conclusion

Collaboration is something that is a comprehensive subject when it comes to hybrid workplaces. It is essential to make it work, and it needs to be a procedure and a purpose-driven attitude. Using careful engaging measures to work along with the characteristics of hybrid workplaces is necessary to bring it alive and to let thrive in the workplace.

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