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In pursuit of WELLness

The world as we know today is facing an invisible enemy, and this has incited a criterion shift towards what was gravely disregarded in the workplace of the pre-COVID era – the health and well-being of the individual.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) defines wellness as: the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. Individuals are responsible for the maintenance of their own health and wellness. But ideal physical surroundings bring the best out of the occupants and at the same time boost their daily lives. We humans spend much of our lifetime in buildings and enough research shows that the time spent within the four walls has a direct impact on our health and wellness. It is, therefore, best that we look towards sustainable and ‘healthy’ building standards for their recognition and standardization of human-centered design.

The WELL standards deliver desired solutions for the ongoing crisis by pushing the boundaries of empathetic physical design, predominantly at home and work. The WELL certification system is ‘a performance-based certification system that unites optimal practices in design and construction with evidence-based medical and scientific research’.(2) The concepts involved under the certification provide a range of details that help designers and building professionals envision and create more natural, people-friendly work buildings complete with healthier and largely productive interiors. This will have to be a smart business move, seamlessly integrated within an organization’s business improvement strategy.

The upcoming posts focus on the WELL concepts and how its approach towards a holistic design combined with an active pursuit of wellness ensures that the health and dignity of the individual is constantly maintained in the physical environment and endures the toughest challenges, even a global pandemic.

Aparna, the Research Head at Zyeta, with her research prowess uncovers valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. Collaborating seamlessly with Zyeta designers, she ensures that her research aligns perfectly with clients' design needs. This synergy results in optimized resource allocation, strategic choices, and outstanding project outcomes, making her expertise an indispensable advantage for clients seeking a successful workspace for their organisation.

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