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Leadership Learning that Will Thrive in this New Normal

An organization’s strength is its culture and people; however, its leaders are those individuals who stand at the forefront.They drive its growth and innovation and dictate the terms of the culture. Great leadership plays a vital role in highlighting an organization’s strength, turning limitations into opportunities–and overcoming challenges through smart and precise decisions. In the times of COVID-19, leaders have been responsible to ensure the survival and health of organizations. Moving forward, they will be the individuals who would communicate the most important lessons that were learned from it and drive the organization forward.

Let’s explore some below.

Trust in Technology

The goal, more so than ever, is to make the culture more comfortable and open-minded about technology and an organization’s digital interface than ever before. Technology played a vital role in helping create safety measures in the workplace during the pandemic. Now it falls on the leaders to ensure that their workforce realizes the benefits technology brings, and ensure how quickly the team adapts and implements this in daily practice. All this towards addressing both workforce, safety demands & customer processes. Leaders will need to communicate the benefits it brings, and help people of the organization successfully set aside skepticism and embrace the ever-changing tech advancements. Today, many new-age company leaders are talking about digital thread where the intent is to close the loop between the physical world & the digital world, thereby making each one of us more agile, productive & efficient.

Adapt Sustainability

A sustainable ethos, and overall sustainable business practice–is also something leaders should instil. The goal is to make employees aware of society’s increasing impact on the planet through everyday activities. While there is a lot of emphasis on financial sustainability in an organization, it is important that leaders emphasize on environmental and cultural sustainability.All towards communicating how businesses and organizations can often have a negative impact if they work against proper environmental protocol & why it is also important to work around cultural sustainability, preserving the socio-cultural aspect of the workplace. To establish a long-term vision with a purpose is the key;and then help employees synchronize and adapt to these sustainable practices in their day-to-day work life. The organization itself should have a drive towards sustainability, and leaders are best suited to communicate that.

Recognize the Changing Consumer Behaviours

The pandemic brought about many changes in consumer behavior. With the world being forced to stay indoors–the nature of several business services, and the platforms they offered them in–changed overnight. With a lot of them being shifted online and some transforming instantaneously. The goal of many businesses–to put the consumer first, however, still remains intact. Leaders still need to drive the culture to be geared in a way that provides the best-possible customer experiences. They will also need to nurture & train the employees to respond to the changing trends–and effectively pivot to the changing business reality. With this changing consumer behavior, a few questions that leaders can encourage the employees to explore is “Can we shape the emerging new habits?” & “How sustainable are these new emerging habits?”

In Conclusion

Leaders have always been the vessels that have been responsible for guiding the ship forward. This will remain true, after the transformative effects of COVID-19. Committed, driven leaders always find a way to overcome obstacles and achieve new heights. And the lessons learned from this challenging period will drive them even further.

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