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Office Receptions: The First Impression for Workplaces

Getting the first impression right is deeper than it sounds. And much like a person, a place has its fair share of first impressions too. That’s why the aura and ambience of a place matter a lot. With the workplace, however, it can become more of a business agenda too. For B2B companies, a great deal of their business propagation depends on their name and fame among their partners. That is why it becomes essential to have an office space that serves the aspect of brand building. The reception and the lobby areas of companies are like movie trailers. With the right kind of design and creativity, the areas can be a counting factor in bricking your business tag. After over a decade of designing workplaces, we thought of bringing out some of our not-so-traditional reception designs that were loved by the clients.

WSP Noida – Office Receptions

Office reception ideas

Inspired from work street theme, WSP Noida office design is about bringing all the earthen design elements to create a vibrant workspace. The office interiors reflect a unique design that brings the liberal positive vibe among the employees. While there are several design aspects in the project that bends away from traditional workplace designs, the reception area is particularly eye-catching. What would you feel if we said there’s a beach in the office? Yes, the designers intertwined the water and sea factors and created a beach-inspired port place as the reception area for WSP’s office! The reception desk and the furniture are in the shape of boats with flooring that looks as fresh as the sea waters. The designers captivated the essence of a beach day to contribute to the whole work-street theme.

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Sigmoid – Office Receptions

Sigmoid reception

Inspired by the company’s name, the reception desk at Sigmoid was designed to create a curve like structure. The desk looks like a stack of curves in colors white, black, red and grey to mirror the brand palette. This reception area is uninterrupted with other elements to create the desk area as the focal point. The reception opens to other areas of the workplace, giving a clearer picture of the neighborhood areas. The goal here was to keep the area open so that visitors can get glimpses of the liberal work culture in the organization. Besides the desk, the ceiling in the area echoes the brand colors, again with sigmoid structures to complement the desk design.

Traveloka – Office Receptions

startup office reception

For Traveloka, the reception is kept subtle, yet significant. Going along with the whole “rustic” ambience in the workplace, the reception area acts as the trailer here. With brick cladding and downlights in the reception, the space imbues a sense of home and warmth. The deck ceiling and the IPS flooring in the reception project a natural look to the place. Right opposite to the reception desk, there’s a wall art of the world map that resembles the travelling industry of the unicorn. To personalize it, the world-map is marked with the brand logo at locations where the company holds its offices. Traveloka’s reception also depicts the open and unhindered work environment of the company. Since they have visitors and a floating crowd in the office, the reception plays a vital role in giving away the liberal feel of the workplace!

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GSN Games

Office reception for sport offices

A leading provider of social casino and skill-based gaming entertainment, GSN Games represents an organization that is vibrant and young. To mirror the spirit, Team Zyeta designed an office reception that immediately connects the visitors with the brand. From the color palette to the design elements, GSN Games’ reception inculcates a youth-centric vibe that directly matches the organization’s workforce. The reception is further accentuated with a mix of design elements, like cubes and dices, to link the gaming interfaces of the organization.

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office receptions

Reception area plays the point of convergence for an organization. It is space that highlights the design for the rest of the workplace. While sometimes, the designers choose to feature the brand, in other times, they go for a concept. For Virtusa, the reception is designed to exhibit a sense of welcome to the visitors and the employees, literally. The wall art depicts “Hello” in several languages to express greeting to the visitors. The rest of the design is kept subtle, so that the lounge area of Virtusa stands out and reflects a warm welcome to everyone.

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A new feature that is becoming an integral part of office receptions these days is the hygiene check centre. Through design and concept, it can be included as the main part of reception areas so that it doesn’t look like blocking the view of the reception. Mainly the hygiene centre will require temperature reading sensors and sanitizing zones to make sure there’s always the first wall of defence from the organization in preventing infectious diseases like the COVID-19. This new modification may require reworking in existing offices while the ones that are yet to be designed can have it included from the first point of the reception design concept.

Office receptions are like the face value of organizations. It is the first resort that will create an impression on your clients, visitors and even employees. Therefore, it is only logical to spend efforts in coming up with creative and not-so-common office receptions. With the current situations, it has also become essential to set up a spacious reception area so that no gathering occurs and visitors or employees can maintain distancing while entering and exiting the place.

Get in touch with us to design your office with not-so-traditional reception that is loved by your clients, visitors, and employees.

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