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Code Of Conduct

This is a guideline for the Code of Conduct at ZYETA. In order to help us adhere to our fundamental principle of ' Freedom with
Sl No: Details of Don'ts Remarks
1 Any type of favour from vendors and contractors in form of cash, gifts or kind. Any manner of corrupt or unethical practises
2 Sharing of any business information with outside personnel
3 Sharing of intellectual property of Zyeta including BIM methodologies, BIM components like families and drawings, processes, drawings with outside personnel Zyeta has right to take legal action against violation. We are also applying for copyright protection.
4 Creating a portfolio without explicit approval to use the particular drawings, designs and components. All works done at Zyeta are intellectual Property" of Zyeta protected by copyright laws. All BIM and Revit files BIM or Revit files (*.rvt, *.rfa, *.fbx, *.ifc, *.dxf, *.dwf/dwfx ) at Zyeta are "Intellectual Property" of Zyeta. Zyeta shall take legal action if any of the BIM or Revit files ( *.rvt, *.rfa, *.fbx, *.ifc, *.dxf,*.dwf/dwfx) are used for any other purpose than they are meant for it at Zyeta and are used outside Zyeta. We have strict NDAs with several clients and this might result in legal action against individuals (by client and Zyeta) and Zyeta (By Client)
Portfolios can be made only by prior written consent of Zyeta using PDF or PPT formats. Zyeta will not give you permission to use a work done by you if it is covered under Non Disclosure Agreement by a client.
5 Disclosing remunerations to colleagues
6 Undertaking Architectural, Interior Design, Construction or any other associated consultancy Exemptions: Unless the consultancy's client is self, spouse, parents, parents-in-law, sibling. The same must be informed prior to taking it up to maintain clarity
7 Undertaking a second job, assignments of commission or contract Exemption: teaching (not on full-time basis) but with prior information and apoproval.
8 Indulging in any business activities Exemption: None
9 Having an affair with a sub - ordinate Exemptions: It is acceptable to have an affair with a colleague at same hierarchy
10 Having an affair with a current client
11 Not to have personal relationships with vendor; only cordial professional relationship should be maintained.
12 Not to accept any kind of gifts from the vendors even during the festivals (except the sweets/ dry fruits less than 1 KG; the same has to be reported to management.
13 Not to accompany the vendors for lunch or dinner, unless it is a conference, forum or event. If lunch/dinner is towards solicitation any business for Zyeta, the bill must be paid by us only and not by the vendor. The same has to be reported to management.
14 Not to get the vendors for any kind of works at home without prior permission from the management.
15 If a vendor makes any offer or inducement, the same has to be reported to the management immediately so that the vendor can be black-listed.

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