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Building a dynamic next-gen workplace supporting business growth

Confidential, Aerospace Brand, Bengaluru

For Asia’s leading aerospace brand, our vision was to promote innovation and capability expansion through a unified workspace, bringing together diverse business entities and functions while elevating the workplace experience and driving the brand towards greater success.


Key Highlights

A WELL HSR-rated and LEED Platinum compliant workplace, blending in with hospitality amenities and wellbeing-oriented spaces.

Agile and multifunctional spaces that offer choice and control to users, making the work environment more resilient and future-proof

‘Unified space’ – separate business entities combined as one workplace, nurturing diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Upon entering the premise, the double-height main lobby with a monotone look connects you to the multiple business units spread across multiple levels. The white color here creates a base from where the different color palettes of the multiple floors emerge.


Each floor welcomes you with the reception lobby, designed as a community zone intertwined with the waiting area, pantry, and semi-enclosed and open collaboration spaces for an engaging experience. Moreover, this complete setup is swaddled by the central zone with interactive walls adding playfulness and dynamism to the environment.

Aerospace meeting room design

Furthermore, with the agile workspaces, carved amidst the work neighborhoods, you get a choice and control over how you work, with height-adjustable desks, ergonomic seating arrangements, and niche seatings; thereby catering to multiple physical and neurodiverse needs.


Stepping into the cafe, you feel transported to a different world, which features quirky brand graphics, installations, biophilia, leisure spaces, and interactive placemaking techniques; designed as a community space for brand connection, socializing, and helping employees unwind.


Overall, we succeeded in creating an environment for contemplation, collaboration, concentration, and communication, thereby designing a workspace that fosters productivity, business growth, and motivation.

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