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Enhancing employee experience through a unified workplace journey

Digi-Key, Leading American Electronic Distributor, Bengaluru

To cater to Digi-Key’s vision of building an impactful workplace experience, we mapped out a workplace journey by carving out high-energy zones for ideation, focus, and collaboration, thereby exuding a sense of harmony and refinement.

Corporate Interior Design for Digikey

Key Highlights

The ‘Digi Lounge’- an extension to the reception area, nestled away from the core work zones, acts as a hub of collaboration.

Buffer spaces like the ‘Maker’s Space’ and the ‘Genius Bar’ act as innovative zones for ideation.

The use of translucent fluted glass induces a sense of intrigue while facilitating privacy

Corporate Interior Design

Planned as a unique combination of highly energetic zones for ideation, innovation, and focus, this space greets you with a burst of elegance and vitality as you enter the reception area. As you walk by this minimalistic reception you experience Digi-key’s brand in detail as the space extends into a waiting area.

Office Cafeteria

The reception further takes you to the Digi-Lounge, a hub of customer experience, and welcomes you into the ‘Tech Bar’ that acts as an employee engagement and collaboration space. Moving ahead, you notice the stepped seating set against the fluted glass partition. This translucent glass adds a sense of intrigue, making the space elegant through the play of light and shadow.

collaboration at workplace
office workstation design

As you walk towards the other side into the workzones, you are engrossed in a high-performing network of work bays. Walking past these work bays, the innovative hubs for focus, meeting, and learning like the ‘Maker’s Space’ and the ‘Genius Bar’ break the monotony and helps you unwind and reset, creating a sense of refinement.

office sitting area

Designed in muted tones of white and beige along with a tinge of red, this transformative workspace acts as a unified space for collaboration, purpose, shared success, and boundless possibilities.

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