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Rebranding identity with sustainability & people-centric design

Confidential, Global Manufacturing Firm, Hyderabad

The foremost aim of this global brand was to create effective solutions that matter to people and the planet. Thus, we balanced the needs of people, the environment, and business through cognitive methods and wellbeing-focused spaces. Ultimately, we helped people experience ‘happiness’ through design by conceptually ‘designing life at work’.

Sustainable office building design

Key Highlights

A LEED Platinum and WELL Platinum-certified workplace with a core focus on employee health and wellbeing.

Designed as the brand’s India hub, focusing on DEI through universal and equitable spaces for diverse user groups.

Integration of net-zero concepts, sustainable standards, and technology to achieve a low-carbon impact workspace.

sustainable office space

An expansive entrance leads to the reception, welcoming you with its rustic and dynamic backdrop that overlooks the city skyline. The resimercial seatings, the daylighting, and the zestful use of brand colors ignite a feeling of movement and dynamism. As you approach the waiting lounge, it further assimilates into a quaint collaboration space, nestled away from the general areas of circulation, inculcating a soothing vibe to the space, and harnessing natural light and views.

Collaboration Area
sustainable office design

As you walk by, you realize the effortless placemaking techniques incorporated through the tactile differences in flooring and ceiling patterns that attribute a sense of belonging to the space. Moreover, the agile and huddle spaces with vibrant graphics and wall art amidst the workspaces designed as per diverse tasks help you unwind and experience ‘life’ at work.

corporate office interior

Through sustainable materials and people-centric spaces all throughout the design, we focused more on the workforce needs and their wellbeing. We tried focusing more on culture, thereby, making this a human-centric hub in the true sense.

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