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Transforming the office into a human-centric hub of collaborative innovation

International Automotive Brand, Bengaluru

Looking forward to redefining the future with automation, and sustainability, the International Automotive Brand envisioned a workspace where innovation effortlessly intertwines with mobility. Thus, we designed this hub of possibilities, where collaboration thrives, fostering an atmosphere for great ideas to flourish and teamwork to excel.

Collaborative Sapce in Office Design

Key Highlights

Designed as a medley of agile, private, and collaborative spaces to fuel business and team evolution.

Optimized lighting, adaptable spaces, and technological as well as acoustic interventions elevate employee wellness.

The kinetic installation injects a vivacious aura, adding brand recall and an invigorating charm to the space.

employee wellness

You indulge in an opulent voyage stepping into the inviting reception area where a tranquil ambiance envelops you in hues of whites and beiges, igniting a sense of serene sophistication. Moving forward, the reception seamlessly spills out into the candidate and visitor experience center, wherein each enclave is intricately composed to pause, captivate, and inspire.

As you step ahead, your eyes are spellbound by the suspended kinetic installation, which depicts an ethereal choreography of forms and motion that mesmerizes you as you traverse toward the employee experience zone. Here, vibrant employee engagement spaces adorned with compelling graphics and bespoke branding, foster an ethos of relentless innovation and harmonious collaboration.

innovation collaboration area
collaboration zone

You notice the gentle luminescence that permeates through the elliptical ‘activated atrium’. The natural daylight, delicately interwoven into the fabric of the workspace, infuses the surroundings with an invigorating vitality. You further witness the meticulous axial planning wherein the atrium serves as the beating heart, around which community spaces thrive on each of the four levels.

employee engagement area

Venturing through each quadrant, reminiscent of a distinct business ecosystem, you encounter a neighborhood-inspired layout with focus areas, collaborative zones, and leisure spots. Navigating through the upper levels, you witness a network of diverse agile spaces making this office a human-centric hub of limitless possibilities.

office collaborative zone

You dive into bustling collaborative spaces fostering team reviews and meetings. Your journey then culminates in the serene embrace of the wellness and leisure zone to help you unwind, play, and relax. This marks a splendid conclusion to the ‘forward for all’ experience offered by this space!

recreation area
office recreation area

In the immersive journey, you feel enveloped in a tapestry woven with the concept of diverse ‘cities and seasons.’ From the comforting embrace of autumnal hues to the vibrant effervescence inspired by the rejuvenation of spring, this narrative transcends mere spaces, crafting an intricate tale of diversity and adaptability.

employee collaboration area

In a nutshell, this workplace is an inspiring symphony of functionality and artistry.

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