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A tech-driven workplace fostering human connections

FAB, UAE- Based Banking Institution, Bengaluru

Middle-east’s leading financial institution wanted to expand its roots to the APAC region and redefining its workplace standards. Thus, for their first Indian office, the main focus was laid on designing a distinctive workplace experience by entwining sophistication and minimalism to offer a wide range of work, meeting, and social spaces.

Collaborative workplace

Key Highlights

Designed as an artistic destination space, the space personalizes the workplace as well as encourages movement and connection.

The space had an integration of tech-enabled workspace modules for working beyond the physical workspace.

A modular workspace concept was executed with flexible furniture and walls that can be conveniently re-configured, re-calibrated, and re-arranged.

conference room design

Walking into the space, you are immersed in a chic brand-led destination that speaks of the perfect blend of design, functionality, and sophistication. Designed using an achromatic palette in contrast with pastel shades and a pop of brand colors, the space is reminiscent of an art gallery.

modern meeting room design
Workplace interior design and build

Experiencing the aura of the space, you see the work bays and meeting spaces oriented towards the glazing for optimum daylighting, and the collaborative agile spaces are planned away from these spaces.

Moving towards the workstation, you are welcomed by multimodal work neighborhoods, with flexible workstations. Provisions like movable partitions, detachable furniture, and mobile workstations help you adapt to these reconfigurable modules.

office workstation area

Collaborative spaces like agile hubs and huddle spaces are planned at intervals in each of these work neighborhoods for accessibility and ease of interaction. The difference in ceiling and flooring patterns here breaks the character of the workspace, offering you a contrasting change of environment.


This sustainable, sophisticated, and minimalistic space thus tells the brand story and leverages flexibility, thereby giving rise to a progressive futuristic workplace – a hub where aesthetics redefines functionality and spatial performance.

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