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Crafting a high-performance space for high-impact transformation

LinkedIn, Bengaluru

LinkedIn, the global social networking platform, embarked on a journey to create a new facility in Bengaluru, a beacon of employee experience and well-being. We at Zyeta embraced the concept of ‘Magnetic Metamorphosis,’ transforming this workplace into a hub that challenges limits and embodies a visionary design narrative.

LinkedIn collaboration area Designed by Zyeta

Key Highlights

Designed to achieve an impressive 12%-15% annual energy savings through daylighting, energy-efficient lighting, and HVAC system.

Provisions for water conservation and IAQ measures, achieving a 50% reduction in water usage and 30% more fresh air circulation.

A WELL and LEED Platinum-complaint, DEI-inspired workspace adhering to the Harmonization Guidelines by the Government of India.

Linkedin lounge

As you step into this ‘hub of happiness,’ the bright LinkedIn In-bug draws you into a world where Indian culture and festive vibes merge beautifully. The rattan screen and dynamic installations on the reception backdrop, inspired by lively festive folk-dance forms, immerse you in India’s pre-winter season and its joyous traditions.

Linkedin cafeteria designed by Zyeta

This reception seamlessly leads to the candidate and employee experience centers, where collaborative seating evokes the togetherness of the pre-winter festive spirit. Moving further, you find yourself embraced by the warmth of the co-working lounge and the inviting aroma of the barista’s coffee, evoking get-togethers, celebrations, and camaraderie.

LinkedIn Collaboration area designed by zyeta
Linkedin collab zone designed by Zyeta

Walking past the co-working lounge, you enter the tranquil focus zone, bathed in natural light and adorned with soothing graphics, where you can prioritize tasks and strategies for the day. This serene space then leads to a network of shared and collaborative areas designed for active interaction and hands-on problem-solving.

Your journey continues further into the collaboration spaces, designed for 1-1 interactions and team catchups. Inclusive spaces such as huddle rooms, semi-open collab areas, and meeting rooms surround you, creating a high-performance vibe. You notice provisions like tactile flooring, braille-integrated signages, and digital schedulers that echo inclusivity and openness.

Linkedin cafe
Linkedin cafeteria

As you navigate this dynamic workspace further, the aroma of delicious food leads you to the revive zone. Here, innovative dining setups with multi-cuisine kiosks including a salad bar, Indian kitchen, Spice kitchen, and continental choices, showcase LinkedIn’s commitment to employee nutrition and well-being.

Linkedin training rrom designed by Zyeta

After a refreshing break, you move into the learn-unlearn zone, housing two learning hearths. These adaptable spaces inspire flexibility, reconfiguring based on activities and events. Pantry and unwind spaces are strategically placed, allowing brief moments of reflection on your journey through this hub of happiness.

Fitness area of LinkedIn office designed by Zyeta
Recreational/fitness area designed by Zyeta

At the end of your day, you retreat to the rejuvenate zone, where the fitness room, yoga studio, and multipurpose spaces offer a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. As you prepare to leave, the sight of the LinkedIn In-bug brings a smile, reminding you of the magical, transformative experience within this vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic workspace.

Linkedin reception

LinkedIn’s new facility in Bengaluru, crafted by Zyeta, showcases the power of transformation, embodying the essence of ‘Magnetic Metamorphosis’ and setting new standards for workplace design.

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