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A workplace experience integrated with the serenity of nature

Confidential, Multinational Automobile Brand, Bengaluru

The core design objective here was to embrace new ways of working, resolve existing user needs, and evolve with emerging trends; thereby prioritizing the user interaction with the built and the unbuilt environment.

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Key Highlights

Maximum usage of environment friendly and locally sourced sustainable materials for a low carbon impact and healthy workspace experience.

The majority of work setups are dedicated to brainstorming activities, which encourages people to collaborate effectively.

Infusing low-maintenance materials such as terracotta, and harnessing natural light to achieve an energy-efficient workplace design.

Office sitting area

This space is an opportunity to rethink the very idea of working. It takes you on an unconventional spatial journey, slowly unraveling its story through the screens of earthy terracotta blocks, the light dispersing through its perforations; and the play of wood, stone, ACC blocks, and glass, blurring the distinction between the built and the unbuilt.

While the exposed ceiling and the open plan retain the industrial vibe, it also helps you build an intimate connection with the space.

Office workstation area
workplace design

As you proceed further into this space cocooned in the calmness of nature, you will find an artistic merger of aesthetic with functionality. While the Kota stone and hardwood flooring retains the raw look of the space, the use of colorful suspended panels provides a contrast, while acting as a visual barrier.

Moreover, the perforations in these suspended panels and the grooves in the wall panels further enhance the aesthetics and improve sound insulation as well.

Office cafeteria

At a macro level, the whole space is designed like a ‘walk in the woods’- a soothing journey amidst the biophilia, natural light, clean air, and healthy materials.

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