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Using ‘restraint’ as an element to create a tranquil workplace.

MUFG, Japanese Financial Services Company, Bengaluru

Deeply rooted in integrity and respect, MUFG, Japan’s largest banking institution, not only embraces diversity but actively encourages it as a culture. Thus, for their dynamic workforce that drives business forward, we conceptualized a workplace, emphasizing harmony and ‘restraint’ in design.

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Key Highlights

Application of Japanese principles, merging the profoundness of external environments with modern workspace interior design.

Activity-based neighborhood planning, to support business needs and hybrid modes of working.

A ‘Business Garden’ serves as a communal area located between two wings while doubling up as a town hall space.

Office Reception Area Design

Restraint is a beautiful thing! You get this feeling the moment you step into the MUFG’s reception area and witness a serene and harmonious space adorned with a pristine green wall to the one side, and the expansive perforated ceiling, orienting you further and giving you a glimpse of this space where everything in the space is an end in itself to be savored.

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You notice the idea of ‘restraint’ as a design element as you pass by the waiting lounge, the business garden, and the workspace. Your vision seamlessly merges from one space to another, thereby avoiding any visual clutter and embracing simplicity, enabling you to truly appreciate the subtle nature-inspired details evident in the wooden finishes, the daylight gracefully shifting throughout the day, illuminating the space, the biophilia, and the glass that adds a dramatic reflection and depth in this still and calm environment.

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As you wander through the work neighborhoods, a feeling of closeness and interconnectedness envelops you. Privacy pods, mobile video screens, acoustic dividers, and flexible furniture systems create a space where you have the power to mold and adapt your surroundings to suit your unique work preferences. Every detail has been thoughtfully chosen, invoking a sense of tranquility and harmony that resonates within you.

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Focus Pods in office design

As you continue your journey, you find yourself drawn to the inviting cafe space. Here, the ambiance embraces you with a delightful interplay of soft, warm lighting and subtle design elements. The environment effortlessly enhances your mood, allowing you to unwind and recharge in a space designed to uplift and inspire.

Collaborative Area Workplace Design

Inspired by the Japanese principles of Kanso– Simplicity, Seijaku– Bring Stillness Inside, Shizen-Naturalness and Shibumi-Elegance, this space is imbued with a story, inviting you to explore and experience the workplace, where the beauty lies in the subtlety and the serenity invites contemplation.

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