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Reinventing Workplace Alchemy to Establish an ‘Eco-harmonious & Blissful’ Workspace

Multinational Fashion Brand, Bengaluru

In an endeavor to blend innovation with a harmonious work environment, this multinational fashion brand, aimed to achieve a blissful working atmosphere. Furthermore, in alignment with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality, we envisioned this project as an embodiment of an eco-harmonious philosophy.

H&M Group Office

Key Highlights

Designed with a ‘Low Carbon, High Impact’ approach to pursue ‘net-zero waste’ through reduction, recycling, and reuse strategies in design and construction.

Strategized as a ‘Eco-harmonious environment’ not just for employees but also for the planet through holistic principles of design and materiality.

Integrating the idea of ‘Blissful Working’ through spatial hierarchy, maximizing daylighting and views of the cityscape, inculcating a sense of serenity.

H&M Fashion brand

As you enter, natural light bathes the space, accentuating a soothing palette of whites, beiges, and pastel blues. You feel immersed in a beautiful medley of muted wood tones, white ceilings, and elegant brass accents that become the perfect backdrop for showcasing the brand’s merchandise. The biophilic touches offer a serene contrast to this symphony of colors and textures.

H&M Workplace design
H%M Fashion Office Design

The journey unfolds further as you enter the expansive community zone, a hub for socializing and collaboration. With a cafe at one end and stepped seats at the other, you soak in the Bengaluru skyline while sipping coffee, playing a game of pool, or simply striking an active conversation with people around.


The community zone spills out into highly productive zones, where you discover the space divided into activity-based clusters. As you walk by the clusters you notice that the strategic placement of display units acts as aesthetic partitions while promoting collaboration.

Office Design
H&M Fashion office design

Open collaboration spaces, cozy niche seating, and discreet privacy pods cater to a diverse array of work needs. As you venture towards the periphery, a tranquil oasis of relaxation and contemplation unfolds. Resimercial setups and semi-enclosed pods invite you to unwind and reflect while bathing in the warm embrace of natural light.

H&M Fashion workplace design

This being the brand’s production office you notice that each cluster is designed to be highly agile and activity specific with inclusion of measurement tables, visual display of merchandise and designated spaces for placement of other production associated equipment.

H&M Group

Throughout the construction phase, segregation, treatment, and recycling of construction waste were executed with precision, reflecting the brand’s eco-conscious commitment. In this transformative workspace, we thus tried to merge the concept of ‘Blissful Working’ to life, a place that melds innovation with productivity, well-being, and sustainability.

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