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Infusing regional sensibilities to nurture a resilient and collaborative workplace

TDCX, Asia’s Leading Digital Transformation Company, Hyderabad

Asia’s prominent Digital CX solutions firm aimed to reflect its brand values and embrace the Indian culture through an inclusive and community-focused workspace. Thus, for their first Indian office, we devised a glocalization strategy, amalgamating regional identities with design, and encouraging diverse approaches to work and relax.

Modern Workplace Interior

Key Highlights

Based on the concept of Mughal Charbagh gardens, the spatial zoning strategically segregates public, common, and secured areas for easy access and separation of critical zones from the general circulation areas.

A community-oriented and activity-based environment that fosters productivity is planned to support the adaptive business model that involves diverse user groups.

Use of locally available environment-conscious materials, regional wall art and graphics coupled with biophilia, and resimercial set-ups foster a communal vibe while also adhering to sustainability commitments.

Office collaboration zone

As you step into this world of TDCX, you experience wellness and a homely vibe induced by the pop of fresh colors, brick-clad walls, and warm ambient lighting in the central lobby space.

Moving further, you are immersed in a highly energetic community with motivated people around you collaborating, interacting, and brainstorming, thereby inducing a sense of belonging.

Modern Workplace Interior Design
office caferetia

Furthermore, the overlooking quaint touchdown space visually bifurcated with fresh biophilia helps you disconnect from the energetic character of the central lobby. The central lobby also orients you along the central axis of the workspace, which spills out into multiple zones adorned with quirky local art and graphics, giving you a taste of regional sensibilities.

Big meeting room design

As you move away from the central space, the idea of amalgamating local flavor with design transforms to be more sophisticated, rendering the boardrooms with a chic and formal look while also retaining the regional character through the brick-clad walls, drapery, and Kolam-inspired art on glass partitions.

workplace interior design

Nestled in harmony and formulated with resilient design techniques, regional concepts, human-centric design ideologies, and a sustainable outlook, this is indeed more than a workspace, but a hub for reflection, cooperation, focus, and communication.

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