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A harmonious symphony of innovation, space & industrial elegance

Vanderlande, Global process automation brand, Pune

The core aim of the global brand, Vanderlande, is to help businesses move forward with future-proof logistic process automation. Thus, to enable them to achieve this efficiently, we designed an agile workplace that helps them conduct processes with a much more resilient approach.

Collaboration area office design

Key Highlights

The workspace embodies industrial elegance woven with modern finesse, capturing the brand’s essence as materials harmonize with aesthetics.

Dynamic colors define sparking interaction, creativity, and collaboration while elevating aesthetics and function.

A workspace that transforms into a visual narrative, uniting the built environment with the brand’s pioneering spirit.

Vanderlande workplace interior design

Nestled within Pune’s World Trade Center, a serene haven of productivity unfolds – the Vanderlande office. As you enter, you witness the grace of the sweeping curvilinear glass, which tantalizes curiosity by establishing a visual connection. Through the glass facade, you glimpse a vibrant laboratory with a conveyor belt, embodying Vanderlande’s brand. A bold concrete path, reminiscent of factory floors, guides you further into the space.

Vanderlande workplace interior design

Traversing linear workspaces, you encounter ergonomically crafted desks, multi-hued acoustic panels, and luminous lights crafting intimate workspaces. Moreover, amid semi-enclosed agile hubs and huddle spaces, animated discussions flourish. Private meeting rooms and phone booths, cocooned in corrugated container sheets, guide with brand-infused graphics.

Hybrid meeting room
Canteen Area Design

Perforated metal partitions, exposed ceilings, and concrete floors harmonize modern aesthetics with industrial nuances. Amidst this symphony, a guiding thread of color weaves, artfully revealing distinct zones. Moving ahead, you pass by the verdant collaboration zones that embrace contemplation and relaxation. Crafted to inspire, each space narrates to you the Vanderlande narrative, and you experience a design that radiates the brand’s culture and wellness ethos.

Vanderlande Office interior design

You notice that the once-muted grey carpets evolve into vibrant collaboration spaces adorned in orange and blue. This metamorphosis of concrete, steel, colors and graphics into an inspiring haven mirrors Vanderlande’s evolution from logistics to innovation.

Vanderlande workspace interior design

In this symphony of design, brand ethos, and architectural finesse harmonize, uniting people, purpose, and place. Vanderlande’s saga continues on a canvas that merges design with purpose.

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