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Creating a High-Performance and Energized Digi-Tech Ecosystem

Callaway Digital Technologies, Hyderabad

Callaway, a global sports equipment manufacturer, envisioned a workplace aligned with their brand identity. Thus, for their first digi-tech office, we developed a workplace ecosystem that is fun and lively embodying the experience of a golf club.

conference room office design

Key Highlights

A high wellness-quotient workplace infusing natural daylight and biophilic design, along with provisions for Wellness Suites and a Mother’s Room.

The Putting Green – a mini-golf replica is designed amidst the café on an elevated turf for better employee engagement and brand recall.

A life-like simulator experience has been designed to offer employees a realistic fresh outdoor environment for strategic casual collaboration.

Reception Area Office Design

Drawing inspiration from the footprint of a golf clubhouse, this energetic digi-tech ecosystem immerses you in a highly energetic lively environment with an arrival zone. This offers you a brief insight into the brand and further orients you towards the pro shop that acts as a space for Callaway merchandise, thereby strengthening the brand recall.

Wellness Space office Design
Office Cafeteria Design

Moving on, the space transitions into an open collaborative hub with a cafe and pantry, immersing you in a lively vibe through fun-filled experiential zones like the ‘The Putting Green’ and ‘The Swing Lounge’. Moreover, the Driving Range features a high-end indoor golf simulator that offers a lifelike experience.

Mini Golf Course in Office Design

The ingress of natural light further adds depth to this space that is implicative of the vast green outdoor environment. Walking by this green cover, you experience the grand environment formed by the cafe space. The ‘Driving Range’ also doubles as a collaborative lounge and townhall space.

Workstation Design

Altogether, the world of Callaway gives a glimpse of how well-being, branding, play, and leisure-oriented spaces can help make workplaces immensely accommodative, conducive, and human-centric in the true sense.

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