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Crafting active and engaging solutions for an impactful workplace experience

WSP Global, World’s Leading Consulting Firm, Bengaluru

WSP, a leading Canadian consulting firm, has always been keen on creating innovative solutions to the challenges of the future. We tried to inculcate this ideology for their Bengaluru facility by crafting a design scheme to improve focus and increase productivity.

WSP Reception

Key Highlights

Design that exemplifies an exquisite spatial hierarchy for optimal Work Experience. The project masterfully blends form and function, crafting a workspace that transcends mere utility.

Clustered workstations provide accessibility for all, while agile work areas, huddle spaces, and meeting rooms cater to diverse work style.

At the core of the design is the focus on employee wellness. The workspace effortlessly integrates biophilic elements, bringing nature’s touch indoors, promoting a sense of calm and rejuvenation.

Office design

Entering into the captivating embrace of WSP, you witness a transformative world of design that transcends boundaries, igniting Focus, Collaboration, Comfort, and Support. The journey begins amidst a vibrant entrance lounge that exudes an energetic vibe.

Agile workplace design

Clusters of workstations emerge like constellations, forming galaxies of ideas and inspiration. Dynamic elements, like desk bikes and agile seating, add an interactive dimension to the narrative. This innovative work environment redefines productivity where you experience a dynamic world of work, leisure, and collaboration.

discussion room
ergonomic furniture

Every corner whisper tales of transformation, inviting you to witness the unfolding story of an impactful workplace. As you move forward, you find yourself immersed in “The Social Sphere,” a harmonious oasis where collaboration and creativity entwine.

Canteen Area Design

Agile work areas, huddle spaces, and serene meeting rooms beckon, each telling its part of the story. The heartbeat of the workplace resonates in work cafes and focus zones, where camaraderie thrives, and minds intertwine.

Collaborative Area
Meeting room

A sense of anticipation fills the air as if space itself is eager to share its secrets! Bathed in the embrace of nature, with sunlight cascading through the windows, the ambiance sets the stage for a transformative experience. A symphony of vivid colors and mesmerizing graphics creates a tapestry that weaves the past, present, and future into a unified whole.

Collaboration Area

As you take each step, you become an integral part of the story, co-creating an unfolding saga of potential and progress. The walls whisper history, and the spaces inspire new beginnings. In this wondrous journey, you realize that the workplace isn’t just a space—it’s an invitation to rediscover and elevate the very essence of your ethos.

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