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Get WELL’s Health-Safety Rating For Your Workplace & Bring Back Your Team To Office

Prioritize the health security of your workplace by planning & implementing an organized return of your workforce. Our in-house team of WELL APs will give you end-to-end guidance on the rating and how it can help regain the trust of your employees to welcome them back to the office.

The Health-Safety Rating For Your Office

through workspace design

What is the WELL Health & Safety Rating?

According to IWBI (International WELL Building Institute), the WELL Health-Safety Rating is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all new and existing buildings. It focuses on a building’s operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement and emergency plans. It is a foolproof plan to prioritize the health of the building occupants to re-establish commercial facilities such as workplaces to function ad thrive through COVID-19 and such other future threats.

Why Workplaces Require the WELL Health-Safety Rating?

Several organizations are facing a pause in their workflow due to the whole ‘work from home’ scene. It is only imperative to bring back teams to offices. However, organizations require to restore the confidence of their employees by re-defining the workspaces through an astute corporate workplace design strategy. The WELL Health-Safety Rating for the workplace oversees the several aspects of wellbeing in a workplace to strengthen the reliability of the organization. In simple words, this will help organizations construct the health-safety identity among its teams.

How Can Zyeta Help You Acquire The WELL Health-Safety Rating?

As commercial office interior design consultants, our in-house WELL AP consultation team will guide you through every facet of your workplace strategy. They will mentor you through all the necessary protocols to reroute your place with workplace well-being interior designs.

Zyeta Will Guide You In The Following Aspects

Air/Water Quality Regulations

Stake Holder Engagement Strategies

Employee Wellness policies

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