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A Blend of Sheer Artistry and Remarkable Workplace Interior Technology

Zyeta brings the experience of a global design firm with craftsmanship dedicated to perfect details. We offer our clientele the highest of standards, encompassing the following attributes.

Why We’re Different

The only constant in the workplace interior industry is the change. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of global trends in workplace excellence, workforce dynamics, and environmental best practices enable Zyeta to design and deliver some of the most innovative workplace interior design projects to date. Our ground-breaking work pushes the envelope in terms of performance, aesthetics, environmental responsibility, and overall value for our clientele.

Zyeta’s market leadership position extends not only to its clever workplace interior designs, but also to its best practices in creating, communicating and executing them into award-winning finished projects. We invest heavily in information systems that improve our clients’ experience by increased visualization during the workplace interior design ideation process, and reduced cycle time and cost throughout the project lifecycle. These include Building Information Modeling (BIM), cloud-enabled renders, and Virtual Reality (VR) tools. Zyeta was the first company of its kind in India to utilize these tools. We frequently beta test leading-edge AI and other technologies that are transforming this industry.

Leveraging its high-tech, high-touch integrated approach means that Zyeta single-handedly manages a workplace designing project, “womb to tomb.” This includes Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (M/E/P) and networking design. Serving as our client’s single source, eliminates finger-pointing amongst multiple vendors, reduces cost and cycle time, while it also improves the final project outcome.

Zyeta’s culture of safety makes the difference during the transformative process from final design to project build-out. Our safety program is integral to every workplace interior project. It provides training and keeps team members fully dedicated and accountable to the safety and integrity of our clientele’s project and property. This is reflected by Zyeta’s stellar and unparalleled record of zero safety-related incidents – ever — in the history of the firm.

Sustainability is not just a cornerstone of our interior design for workplace philosophy, it extends to all aspects of our business. Zyeta’s role as a designer of future workspaces means we have a special and important responsibility in confronting the challenges of climate change and sustainability. Zyeta aims to transform the workspace interiors into a healthy, thriving, sustainable community that contributes to positive social, economic, and environmental benefits. That commitment extends inwardly as well. Zyeta has a sustainability plan, which includes reducing water consumption and energy usage, utilizing recycled materials, and favoring suppliers with similar sustainability standards.

Last but really first, people are our most valuable asset. Zyeta was founded by interdisciplinary all-stars seeking a better way. Our paradigm pioneering corporate culture continues to attract the best and brightest architects, engineers, designers, and other artisans and technicians focused on workplace excellence. Never resting on our laurels, we perpetually train our ever-expanding team in the use of the latest technologies and other best practices.

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