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A Technologically Enhanced World

Post COVID-19, it is clear that technology will play a vital role in workplace transformation. However, truthfully, it has been on the cards for quite a while already. Zyeta has been involved in extensive industry research regarding the same and is now proud to bring you a series of expert interviews from renowned industry experts and thought leaders. The workplace is evolving, and so is the nature of workplace design. We are extremely proud to share our latest industry insight with our readers.

Following our previously conducted interview on 5G and XR, Zyeta’s Client Success Manager Shwetha Nadgir and Head-of-Research Aparna Anirudhan had the opportunity to sit down with Sunil Baindur, Creative Consultant. In the following interview, they converse about both present and emerging technological trends in workplaces. They also discuss all the value it creates, the benefits it brings and why adoption is absolutely vital for companies to thrive in the future.

Explore the entire interview below.

1. A & S: How do you think technology can be used to aid human progress?

Sunil: Technology is valued by how much it helps people progress towards an improved life. A prime example of helpful digital penetration is in the use of QR codes by few street-side vendors and transport drivers, for their daily transactions. Given the times we live in, more people are expected to embrace such practices. An important point to note is that we must shift our thinking to make tech more inclusive so that it helps everyone and not just an elite percentage.

A & S: Do you see remote working rising as and when network usage and speed rises?

Sunil: Yes. Digital connectivity has helped make the world a lot smaller and closer. The rising connectivity through tech has resulted in the need and desire for remote working. Its impact and support to the gig economy are quite evident. Additionally, remote working saves big on travel time and real estate expenses.

A & S: How is the approach to VR/AR/XR technology in the RE sector?

Sunil: From its use in the training purposes in the knowledge sector to managerial apps and strides in the medical field as well, we are beginning to see the expansion of this technology into more fields. While it has a lot to offer in the way of the RE sector, there is much work to be done still. Visualization in Tech enabling is way easier and more convenient through VR, AR, MR and XR. However, a seamless integration, cost-effective models and a shift in consumer behavior are challenges still to be tackled in this endeavor.

A & S: How well are companies prepared for Workplace Digital Transformation?

Sunil: Organizations will have to be dynamic when it comes to adopting new tech. Field-specific tech would be relevant in terms of been future-proof and sustainable. Upgradation of tech should always align with their business outlook which would reward in improved employee experience.

A & S: When we explore anything new and innovative, we must explore its downsides too. What, in your opinion, would be the cons of new tech to come?

Sunil: The dependency on devices and technology is now a way of life. But with that integration, there are also fears regarding radiations brought on by electromagnetic waves and WIFI services. Also, the external infrastructure currently in place requires modernization to be more versatile and future-proof for the approaching new tech. Towards this undertaking, there is a high cost involved with hardware and implementation.

A & S: Would it be the same apprehension when 5G is in the market?

Sunil: Absolutely. We are still struggling with 4G. While 5G will make connectivity faster, the infrastructure presents a challenge in terms of both cost and feasibility. Then there is the matter of navigating zoning laws and regulations for the rollout of new hardware to increase the network range. E-waste is another concern. With environmental concerns being louder than ever, companies and governments will need to craft their solutions more carefully to ensure that the pursuit of progress is not made at a terrible ecological cost.

Originally published on LinkedIn October 29, 2020

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