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Coca-Cola’s Workplace Digital Transformation- An Interview by Zyeta

After a successful first part of the interviews, we are glad to commence the second portion of our special interview series. Conducted by Aparna Anirudhan and Shwetha Nadgir–it continues to explore the impact of technology on the workplace and many facets of an organization’s digital transformation.

This time, we sat down for a special conversation with Paresh Bhimani, Regional Director Workplace (Asia-Pacific), The Coca-Cola Company. We elaborate the continuing nature of his organization’s digital transformation. How it is being implemented in the company during the pandemic, and the advantages it brings to the organizations.

Explore the entire interview below.

A&S: There is a lot of hype around reality tech. How far is the usage of VR/AR/XR at Coca-Cola?

Paresh: There is a fundamental shift in the usage of these tech globally. Our forte into this tech has been mostly in our marketing campaigns. Coca-Cola as a brand prides itself in catering to the experience of our consumers. Our major investments in tech, therefore, lie in delivering to that experience. Our plunge into implementing AR was in 2019 through our app. It showed animated characters in immersive stories resolving conflict by simply sharing a Coke, focusing on communal harmony and happiness.

A&S: How far has Coca-Cola embraced remote working in the current pandemic situation?

Paresh: We have – and always will – put the health, safety, and security of people first. Assessing the current situation, the well-being of our people was priority and so declared permanent working from home until the end of this year.

“We have shifted fully to digital working across all domains, while enabling networking and collaboration and maintaining productivity at the same time. Since we have always had a flexible WFH earlier in place, there was not a significant impact in the efficiency of our workforce. Touchless technology has since been implemented at all our offices.

A&S: Do you think there are disadvantages to the implementation of tech?

Paresh: Tech has and remains a boon for us as we believe in being ahead of our time. It has helped us in terms of skill upgradation, training, and has enabled our work to be simpler. We have technologically advanced experience centers in many locations.

A&S: What are the ways Coca-Cola is incorporating workplace digital transformation?

Paresh: There are four nodes that we are currently focusing on: Experience, Operational, Business and Cultural transformation. While our digital transformation is still in progress, it has realized a number of notable successes so far.

Specific to Workplace: In the short-term creating home grown apps that help in contact tracing, workplace safety management, and employee health screening and readiness.

In the long run, we visualize a purpose-driven office; creating a workplace environment built on a digital backbone that resonates a winning culture. Several options are being evaluated that supports us in this direction

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Originally published on LinkedIn May 31, 2021

Aparna, the Research Head at Zyeta, with her research prowess uncovers valuable insights that drive informed decision-making. Collaborating seamlessly with Zyeta designers, she ensures that her research aligns perfectly with clients' design needs. This synergy results in optimized resource allocation, strategic choices, and outstanding project outcomes, making her expertise an indispensable advantage for clients seeking a successful workspace for their organisation.

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