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Embracing 2022: How Employers and Employees Can Succeed in the New Year?

2022 is coming, and before we bid adieu to the current year, it is time to pause for a moment, to analyze how the last year has been. It is time to take these learnings and be ready for the year ahead. 2021 took us through a wave of changes in the workplace industry: from the work modules to workplace design, to the technology- everything seemed to have undergone fundamental evolution. This is just the beginning! 2022 is going to build upon these fundamental changes and it is upon us – the employers and the employees, to make the most of this wave of evolution.

As pointed out in one of our insightful blogs- Data, Design and Technology: Building New Kind of Offices, technology, data, and social networks have the potential to create a huge impact on how people communicate, collaborate, work and interact in the workplaces. This is giving rise to new realms of business models and new brand ideologies.

Therefore, it is time to put behind the baggage of 2021 and embrace 2022 with much more enthusiasm and positivity. To begin with, this let us first delve into the existing data around the world and then see what each employer and employee can do to emerge better in 2022.

What 2022 looks like to the world?

As per a survey by PwC- Future of work- A journey to 2022, 66% of the world population sees the future of work as a world full of possibility, and believes they will be successful. 2021 has been a year of multiple pivots for the world on the economic, social, and political front. Thus, 2022 seems to be a journey of assimilating these factors into our lives.

Let us see what the employers and employees need to take into account to make the most of this journey and grow further.

For Employers

Empathy has been a buzzword for quite a long time now, but how much if that is executed? Off lately, every brand has tried to establish itself as an empathetic people-centric hub. But this is exactly where more work needs to be done on the employer front. Technology, innovation and design can take care of automation, digitalization, health and well-being, but there is no tool to help the employees be a part of the brand vision. It is only the employers who can do that. Here are some simple ways that can help:

Timely Feedback Helps!

Constructive feedback not only will help leaders to keep track of employees’ progress over time but also will help them improve their skills. Moreover, this will instil in them a sense that their employers care for them and take interest in their progress.

Counsel Your People

Create an environment where your people feel safe to share the issues they face in their professional and personal lives.

Focus on Creativity

Provide people with creative liberty. It is the need of the hour to break away from the traditional modes of operating and improve on creativity to stand out and shine from the competition in the industry.

For Employees

Upskill & Re-build

Yes, this being the beginning of fundamental changes in the workplace domain, job roles are evolving and thus so should the skills. Up-skilling and rebuilding your skillset is going to help employees in the long run to grow, especially in the scenario where age gaps are widening in the workplace.

Embrace the Tri-fold Path

The tri-fold path is of clarity, consistency and discipline. While workplaces need to be human-centric and brands need to understand employees, employees also have to understand that this works both ways. While having clarity of the job role and tasks will help people understand their duties and responsibilities better, being consistent will help to grow in the current roles. Focus on what you do best, and develop a discipline. This approach will help people to be worthy to be counted in as ‘top talent’.

All in All

2022 is going to be a year of new challenges, progressive thought processes and advancements in technology. Therefore, the one thing that needs to be retained in the whole process is the human-to-human connection; and this works both ways!

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