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Top 6 Blogs to Win in the Workplace

2021 has been a transformative year for workplace design, with rapid change and transformation across the industry. It was also the year where there was a lot of serious consideration and foresight about the workplace design industry, and workplaces in general. It was a banner year for observing trends and sharing insights. As an organization that has an eye on the future in our minds, we were proactive about exploring industry insight and creating unique content based on it.

Here is some of our best work this year. Make sure to explore:

6. Why Businesses Prioritize Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health and well-being are just as important in your work-life, as they are in your daily life. In a world where work and life have merged their boundaries, looking after mental health is more than important–and this is something that businesses must put as their priority. The onus is on to the businesses to nurture a work environment promoting employee mindfulness and wellbeing. Read the blog and learn more about it.

5. Why The Employee Experience Is Linked to Organizational Success

The most important part of an organization is its employees. Some of the world’s top organizations compete to not only hire valuable talent but keep them happy and satisfied at work. Employee engagement leading to a great employee experience is therefore crucial and tied directly to organizational success. Explore more in the blog.

4. How Lack of Diversity in the Workplace Can Weaken Your Business

Diversity means eliminating the biases based on gender, race, caste, creed, sexual orientation, age, education and socio-economic backgrounds. With diversity comes responsibility; the responsibility to accept everyone, the responsibility to make everybody feel heard and cared for. It forms an important part of forward-thinking workplace culture, and the lack of it can affect organizations and businesses adversely. Learn more in the blog.

3. Coca-Cola Workplace Digital Transformation

We took the time to sit down for a special conversation with Paresh Bhimani, Regional Director Workplace (Asia-Pacific), The Coca-Cola Company. He elaborated the continuing nature of his organization’s digital transformation, and how it is being implemented in the company during the pandemic, alongside the advantages it brings to the organizations. Explore the entire interview below.

2. How Human-Centric Design Offers a Business Advantage

Human-Centered Design (HCD) puts the needs of the people first. It creates a workplace that has a strong moral, psychological and social core. Leading eventually to a spontaneous sense of productivity, creativity and yes—a definite advantage in terms of revenue and business. It plays a major role in consolidating the strength of the organization and will continue to enrich its various aspects, to provide value in the future. Explore our detailed blog on it.

1. Fostering Happiness at the Workplace–The Duologue Between Zyeta and Tracy Bower

We took the time to sit down with Tracy Bower, PhD, and author of ‘The Secrets to Happiness at Work and Bring Work to Life’ to discuss employee happiness and why it matters in the modern workplace–as part of our special series ‘The Workplace duologue: Decoding work-life and happiness’. Explore it in full above.

In 2021, we explored the industry, and the various implications surrounding it in a detailed way. This year, we plan to go even deeper and provide more valuable insight. Thanks for reading and following us; there is much more to come for Zyeta in the year 2022. So stay tuned.

An information sponge since time immemorial, taking up writing was a natural career for him. He’s often found absorbed in his laptop, trying to cram as much detail as he can into his content. He’s found to be a relaxed, collaborative individual when he does finally decide to show his face to colleagues. Obsessive by nature, he loves building PC’s, collecting old albums, updating his knowledge, and going on long natural treks.

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