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How to Redefine Employee Wellness & Productivity with Nourishment?

Meet Priya, a dynamic 35-year-old business leader from Bengaluru, India, and Jack, a meticulous 40-year-old workplace strategist from New York City, USA. Both Priya and Jack are renowned for their exceptional performance and rigor. Yet, they often grapple with a common challenge that transcends geographical boundaries: the struggle to nourish their bodies and minds amidst the relentless demands of their professional lives. In the whirlwind of her workday, Priya’s schedule brims with back-to-back meetings, high-stakes negotiations, and strategic collaborations. Caught up in the demands of her profession, she frequently overlooks her nutritional requirements, resorting to hastily consumed packed foods at her desk. Unfortunately, the dearth of healthy meal options and well-designed dining areas at her workplace only exacerbates this challenge. Meanwhile, Jack struggles to find balance amidst the sedentary nature of his work, often sacrificing his well-being in pursuit of professional success. As Priya and Jack navigate the complexities of their work lives, they find themselves grappling with the consequences of neglecting their nutritional needs.

The result? Fatigue, stress, and burnout have become their constant companions, threatening to undermine their productivity and well-being at work. Despite their best efforts to excel in their roles, they find themselves hindered by the invisible barriers of poor nutrition and lifestyle habits. What can help Priya and Jack to improve their dietary habits and nourishment at work? The WELL Nourishment Concept by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) can prove to be effective in solving these nourishment-related concerns at the workplace. Let’s dive deep into the WELL Nourishment Concept.

WELL Nourishment Concept

The WELL Nourishment concept emphasizes the availability of nutrition – fruits and vegetables and promotes nutritional transparency to create food environments where healthy choices are convenient. Addressing the global burden of disease attributed to poor nutrition underscores the potential of individual dietary choices to shift global patterns toward health. It also recognizes the intertwined relationship between human health and environmental sustainability, advocating for sustainable food systems. By focusing on the design and operation of food environments, WELL Nourishment aims to support healthy eating behaviors and improve overall well-being. Through increased access to nutritious options, reduction of highly processed foods, and the creation of environments that encourage healthier choices, this concept strives to foster healthy and sustainable eating patterns for individuals and communities.

With insights into the WELL Nourishment Concept and the challenges faced by countless employees like Priya and Jack in the workplace, it becomes essential for organizations to synchronize their workplace design and experience with the WELL Building standards and the WELL Nutrition concept. However, can businesses derive additional benefits from embracing WELL Nourishment? Let’s explore!

Benefits of WELL Nourishment Concept

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WELL Nourishment isn’t merely about providing snacks or meals; it’s a holistic approach that intertwines nutrition, hydration, and mindful eating habits into the fabric of the workplace culture. Here are some key benefits of embracing the WELL Nourishment concept:

Improved employee productivity
Studies indicate that employees consuming a healthy diet are 25% more likely to exhibit higher job performance.

Enhanced employee well-being

Increased employee engagement and morale

Positive impact on company culture
Promoting a culture of wellness through nutrition fosters a sense of community and satisfaction among employees, leading to a 32% increase in employee satisfaction.

Thus, to circumvent the challenges experienced by employees like Jack and Priya and to capitalize on the substantial benefits outlined above, how can you tailor your workplace design for wellness?

Let’s explore further.

Designing Workplaces for Nourishment


Designing a workspace that embodies the principles of WELL Nourishment requires meticulous planning and execution. Here’s how you can integrate this concept into your workplace design:

Designated Dining Spaces

Create designated areas for dining and socializing, ensuring easy access and visibility. Incorporate elements of biophilic design to evoke a connection with nature, fostering a calming ambiance conducive to mindful eating.

Ergonomic Furnishings

Invest in ergonomic furniture that promotes good posture and comfort during meal times. Adjustable desks and chairs accommodate diverse body types and preferences, promoting well-being and productivity.

Promote Nutritional Transparency

Provide Nutritional Information

Ensure clear display of nutritional information for packaged foods, beverages, and self-serve bulk foods at the point of decision. Include details such as total calories, macronutrient content, and total sugar content per serving or package. This promotes informed dietary choices and aligns with WELL Nourishment standards for workplace wellness.

Address Food Allergens

Install point-of-decision signage urging individuals to disclose food allergies to food service staff, ensuring a proactive approach to allergen management in daily on-site food preparation.

Invest in Meal Support

Ensure that a dedicated eating area, located within a 650 ft walk distance of the project boundary, meets employee demand by providing essential amenities like cold storage, countertop surface, sink with dish and hand washing amenities, device for food reheating, dedicated cabinets or storage units, reusable non-plastic utensils, and separate bins for garbage, recycling, and compost.

Wellness Programming

Organize educational workshops, cooking demonstrations, and nutrition seminars to empower employees with knowledge and skills for making healthier choices. Encourage team-building activities centered around wellness challenges and communal cooking experiences.

To Sum Up

By embracing the principles of WELL Nourishment and integrating them into workplace design, organizations can cultivate a thriving ecosystem where employees feel valued, energized, and empowered to perform at their best.

Ready to embark on your journey towards a nourished workplace? Connect with Zyeta’s team of WELL Accredited Professionals for comprehensive guidance and support tailored to your unique needs.

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