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2gethr, Bengaluru

The Innovative Coworking Space Features a Design that Offers a Seamless Mix of Various Elements.

The design we developed for 2gethr, HSR Layout in Bengaluru–called ‘middle space’–combines elements of residential, commercial and hospitality elements. The innovative coworking space now possesses a careful, creative, positive and harmonious vibe, enabling the brilliant minds within to be their best.

The bright, positive color palette, creative division of space, biophilic elements, lamps, decorative lights, ‘island counter’ pantries etc., form some of the unique design elements that demonstrate a rush of creativity. In terms of design elements, the multi-color walls, the clear primer-infused ceilings and the classy glass partitions give the space a youth-centric vibe. And in terms of functions, the space is equipped with acoustically sound meeting rooms, activity-based working areas, new-age open cafeterias, private pods and library spaces that make 2gether a purpose-full and cutting-edge workplace.

2gethr’s office interiors create a worthy ground for everyone, from freelancers to innovative start-ups, to do their best work.

Overall, 2gethr now possesses a creative workspace interior design that helps it stand out among its peers and make an iconoclastic mark in itself.

“ The goal is to maintain a careful, positive, creative and harmonious shared workplace that enables the brilliant minds within to be their best.”


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