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Ecolab, Bengaluru

Ecolab’s New Office Provides a Cutting Edge, Modular and Open Collaborative Workplace that Resonates Its Work Style.

Ecolab is an American global provider of water, hygiene, and energy technologies and services. Their new office in Bengaluru provides a cutting-edge, modular and open collaborative workplace that imbues their work style.

The philosophy behind the office design was to build a dynamic workspace that includes different natural elements. The entire design blueprint is crafted highlighting these, including natural light and green indoor plants. The Ecolab team wanted a workspace that wouldn’t appear monotonous in any way. To achieve this, Zyeta applied the concept of “Eudaimonia” – a Greek word that refers to a state of having a good indwelling spirit or having good vibes. The Eudaimonia concept promotes a streamline flow of different design segments that keep the workspace versatile and exciting.

A distinguishing feature of this project is the “Townhall”, a meeting area that can house nearly 300 employees at a time. There are two wings in the office space that converges to a central space leading to the Town Hall. The wings act as multi-function spaces with sliding partitions. Ecolab’s new office reflects the flat organizational structure of the Company, a workspace that propels innovation and collaboration in a most contemporary way.

“The philosophy behind the office design was to build a dynamic workplace that includes different natural elements.”


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