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A Finance Service Firm, Bengaluru

This is a People-centric Workplace that Facilitates Productivity in Every Sense.

Located in the start-up zone of Bengaluru, this office mirrors a forward-facing workplace that empowers flexibility at work. The Finance Service Firm wanted an office space that appeals to both the visitors and the occupants. They also had a decided list of assets that they wanted to be blended in the new design. So Team Zyeta came up with a design concept that effortlessly incorporates the given assets. With clean design lines and sophisticated corporate elements—the firm’s new workplace interiors merge well with its brand identity. Some of the major highlights of the project are the use of lacquer-glass with mirror inlay cladding and assorted patterns throughout the office space, accentuating the corporate look. Another important aspect of the office is its uber-cool open pantry, designed with a high-end modular unit with the provision of cooking. This space also serves as a collaboration area where the staff can cook healthy food, eat, chill and work together.

In simple words, this office design is a fresh take on corporate interiors, designed to be more purpose-full and functional.

“The office mirrors a forward-facing workplace that empowers flexibility at work.”


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