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Evergent, Hyderabad

Evergent’s open office workspace design displays a strong, logical bent towards wellness and employee flexibility.

Situated in a prime location and offering a superlative view—it ensures that there is an even flow of natural light throughout its 36,000 sq ft space. The center, comprising of the major chunk of meeting rooms, service core and community space—allows employees easy access to the meeting rooms—which overlook their individual workstations.

The workstations in themselves come integrated with ultra-durable furniture and are ergonomically precise—further enhancing the overall safety and well-being around the employees, which in itself is also supplemented by biophilic elements, adding a natural aura around daily work life.

Employee engagement spaces and neighborhood spaces complete the final piece of the puzzle—ensuring that there is ample room for creativity, enjoyment and interactivity throughout the day, helping inculcate a vibe of collaboration.

“The workspace is also highly proficient in terms of employee functionality. Each corner is filled with collaborative working space.”

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