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Veoneer, Bengaluru

Veoneer’s Bengaluru Corporate Office Interiors Offer a Seamless Mix of Functionality and Creativity

The autonomous vehicle technology manufacturer required a workplace design that would be a fertile ground for cultivating harmony, collaboration, and innovation. Zyeta collaborated with the organization to deliver a design that balanced creativity and functionality, all the while, perfectly prescribing to the organization’s ethos. This built a perfect base for learning and achievement to thrive.

The design features a logical division of workspaces, huddle rooms, and meeting rooms—providing an outstanding formal rigor and symmetry. Its uniqueness also reverberates throughout each and every corner as well: the reception radiates style and elegance; the amphitheater offers a space to spur collaboration; the experience center offers an iconoclastic organizational showcase; collaboration spaces offer creative breakouts from the workstations. All these demonstrate an outstanding functionality. Complimenting that are creative flourishes—like color coding in the workstations themselves, alongside eclectic wall art throughout. The design, overall, has the best of both worlds.

Overall, the workplace design reflects the innovative, forward-thinking culture of the company, offering massive appeal to a wide diaspora who frequent the office, including employees, management, overseas clients and other constituents.

“ Overall, the design reflects the innovative, forward-thinking culture of the company.”


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