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Empowering Work by Reinforcing Workplaces

Workplace organizations need to reinvent continuously and reorganize their systems to match the disruption amid continuous change. Given the rise of “Startup Culture” and the “Great Resignation Era”, organizations have the important task to assess their strategies for people, assess how they work and make a sophisticated change. Corporate leadership and facility managers are shifting their focus from a business-centric to a more user-centric approach; workplace experience and the strategy behind them play an important role.

Important examples are leveraging office spaces as an asset to ensure employee experience, reinforcing brand identity, and most importantly, office design and offerings, becoming futuristic in its approach.

Our aim is to empower businesses to do well and increase their ROI, creating highly energetic, innovative and productive work environments to ensure a better user experience, enabling breakthroughs and highly positive collaboration.

Thus, it is time to break the age-old mundane work culture and make way for a seamless workplace experience. it is time to give brands a human-centric experiential identity by choosing the right strategy for workspace design.

Enliven your strategy with our latest 4-part series – Disruption is the new constant- A take on Workplace Strategy – helping you ask the right questions and finding the best possible solutions for your business.


Data Before Design: The right way to workplace strategy


Decoding Future Workplaces: Futuristic design planning


Employee Experience Unplugged:Culture and user-experience


Workplace Harmonization: Initiatives to enhance your workplace

Agenda & Key Notes

  • Explore, discuss and engage with the transforming paradigms of work-life
  • Realize the opportunities for innovation, growth and success available
  • Learn more about the evolution of work-culture and the need for adaption to new trends
  • Examine the importance of wellness and its role in the overall fabric
  • Gain an insight into the technological advancements that play a key role in this transformation

Who Should Attend?

  • Both mid and top-level leadership: CEO’s, CXO’s, CTO’s and HR professionals
  • Corporate Real Estate Industry professionals in multiple domains, across multiple industries
  • Culture enthusiasts, researches, writers, students and knowledge-seekers
  • Architects, Interior Designers, Client-centric professionals, Sales professionals
  • Trend-watchers and online influencers


Available on Linkedin

Is Hybrid a
Big Bully?

A take on hybrid workspaces, it’s workability, pros, cons & methodology

Available on Linkedin

Testing the

Pilot workspaces for design precision

Available on Linkedin

Change Management & Gamification

An insightful perspective on change management and it’s importance to an organisation’s evolution


Bridging The Gap

Discussing diversity, inclusion, employee awareness & training

Designing for Resilience

Adapt. reset. reimagine

Digital Twins

Designing for multiple locations & personas

Quality of Worklife

Unleash your employee’s potential


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