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Promoting Brand and Work Culture with Functional Workplace Interiors

When leading global travel unicorn Traveloka expanded with its first branch in Bengaluru, India, the Company sought a workspace that would align with its other international offices but with a new vibe to reflect the locale. Considering these requirements, Zyeta created an interactive design layout that resulted in both an impressive space for visitors as well as a functional, cutting-edge space for employees.


The Design Brief

Traveloka wanted a space that could be constructed in phases with a provision for future team expansion. The Company already had a fixed material palette for consistency across international offices. With this latest location, Traveloka was looking for a contemporary workplace that evoked corporate culture while providing staff sufficient room for social interaction, in addition to a flexible work environment. Traveloka has a flat organizational structure and thus wanted open working spaces. Closed spaces were to be limited only to meeting and conference rooms.

The biggest project challenge for Team Zyeta was to design the space in a way that didn’t appear incomplete while maintaining the peripheries for expansion. Incorporating Traveloka’s globally established material palette and design standards into the new layout was another project requirement.

The Floor Plan and the Interior Layout

Traveloka’s building was fitted with a deck ceiling which became a major design element for the project. To promote the ceiling’s raw look, the entire design was crafted around this focal point.

The Company’s travel agency background was the design inspiration for the project. Hence, the layout is expressed as a map where one is free-flowingly navigated through the assorted office segments. These are well defined, and there is a clear division between primary and secondary corridors. Through the primary corridor, a visitor is freely guided to the common informal spaces like activity areas, cafeteria, and lounges from the reception, without being able to access the workstation area. On the other hand, employees can take the secondary corridor route which leads to the workstation and meeting room area directly.

The overall floorplan consists of a fusion of collaborative spaces, workstations, ABW spaces, and dedicated enclosed meeting rooms with standard screen elements that help separate the different sections from one another. The interior of the office was smartly compartmentalized to include the permanent staff as well as a floating population in order to maintain the co-working nature of the travel industry.

One of the highlights of the project was the use of the Company’s visual brand identity as a major influence on various aspects of the design. From matching brand colors to abstracts, the interior journey of the office space beautifully aligns with the Company’s global brand.

To accommodate expected growth over time, Team Zyeta’s modular design was developed such that future office expansion can be cost-effective and hassle-free.

Reception: Traveloka’s reception was intentionally designed to project a glimpse of the company’s work culture. The front view of the reception depicts a warm and homey feeling with a brick cladding background and IPS flooring. The decorative downlight further accentuates the feeling of being welcomed.

Workstation: The workstation area has a breakout with a semi-open meeting place with metal screens right at the center. This space is for internal discussions and short meetings among various teams. There is also a mobile phone pod that functions as a time-out from the common workspace and can be used for private one-on-one discussions or telephonic conversations.

Front View Workstation: A front view of the workstation area reveals the variety in seating patterns. This encourages neighborhood discussions and interactions among different teams and individuals.

In Conclusion

Traveloka’s new Bengaluru office speaks to the highest international standards of new age interior design. The workplace provides cutting-edge space solutions that not only strengthen the office cohesion but also value employee privacy while promoting the Company’s global brand identity.

Authored by Mehnaz

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