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Elevating WSP Noida’s Work Culture by Creating a Unique yet Relatable Vibe

WSP, one of the world’s leading engineering professional services firms, wanted to make a mark—the demonstration of which is the company’s latest Noida office. The Company sought a workplace design promoting its brand, imbued with an inclusive, creative vibe to not only boost its work culture but also encourage spontaneity and fresh thinking at all times.

Zyeta’s challenge was to design a workspace that would take all the above elements into consideration, yet wrap them around a unique, identifiable theme that would not only be stylistically distinct, but also introduce new design elements.

The workspace design was based on the concept of a ‘Work Street’—which would involve elements from everyday culture and integrate them into the central office design.


Design Elements of the ‘Work Street’:


An Earthen Touch

Incorporating design elements that reflect land, air and sea.


The Park

An office corridor highlighting biophillic features , acting as a balance to other design elements.


Wall of Fame

A wall encompassing a creative, visual collage reflecting company culture.


Bus Stop

An innovative kiosk serving as an activity-based working space, emulating a city bus stop.


Color Scheme

Bright, bold color scheme along with complementary lighting.



Well-spaced areas with external window to allow natural light to bathe the entire space.

How 'Work Street' was Brought to Life

The central motif of ‘Work Street’ involves connecting ‘street culture’ to a workplace—and introducing an aura of creativity and relativity that would promote the culture of the organization. The vibe of the workplace would include earthen elements (water, air, greenery) integrated throughout the design—alongside newer, innovative elements—radiating an eco-friendly and serene atmosphere. This was integrated over an area of 18,000 sq ft., spreading across four floors–with the development done in multiple phases.
The resulting open-office design includes spacious, well-lit, linear cubicle areas. These go hand-in-hand with  WSP’s bold, bright brand colors integrated into the design. Unique design elements are placed strategically in order to enhance and improve the daily workflow. They also help in promoting employee productivity and creativity. Other standard design elements like frosted wall glass and biophillia are also included in the design to add texture, and enhance the overall look and feel.

The Reception with an Oceanic Metaphor: The reception follows a nautical theme—with a sea-colored floor and boat-shaped desk. These along with the transparent frosted glass and furniture give out a memorable first impression.

The Office Corridor, aka ‘The Park’: This earthen vibe is carried over as one moves into the office interiors. The office corridor, aka ‘The Park’ builds its look through elements like ‘moss carpets’—which evoke the feeling of walking on a moss-covered pavement , and complement the eco-friendly wall design and biophillic elements nicely.

The ‘Wall of Fame’ and Meeting Rooms: Frosted glass is used for the meeting rooms, which are equipped with wall art, movable desks, and Transteel brand chairs. They offer transparency whilst adhering to health and safety measures. The special ‘Wall of Fame’ design presents a visual collage representative of the company’s culture and creates a focal point in the open floor area.

In Conclusion

WSP Noida’s office now possesses a design that is truly worthy of its organizational excellence. The unique design elements contribute greatly in inculcating an earthen and relatable vibe, something that goes a long way in adding positive value to the work culture, and make its overall look stand apart–in ways both identifiable and individualistic – yet in accordance with WSP’s brand guidelines.

Authored by Karan

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