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Cultivating connectivity and freedom at work through flexible design

Confidential, Leading Elevator Company, Hyderabad

The core value of this brand being to empower people to move and thrive better in a smarter world, we designed to prioritize sustainability, technology, and wellness, resulting in a high-performing smart workplace.

Commercial Office Design

Key Highlights

The “Exhibit Space” showcases the company’s achievements, aspirations, and concepts through life-size models and multiple virtual reality displays.

The design reduces energy and water consumption by 20% and 40%, respectively, annually, and improves ecological footprint by 10% to 15%.

The design meets and maintains the high standards of sustainability and LEED benchmarks.

Chill out areas in office

As you enter this stylish and minimalist environment, you experience barrier-less navigation achieved through the subtle segregation of service areas and the central workspace. As you walk by, you see the work bays planned as clusters with collaborative nodes for ideation, communication, and relaxation.

Meeting Room design
corporate interior design

As you enter the “Exhibit Space”, you get to experience the brand’s vision and mission through a series of interactive life-sized models.

Moving through the clusters, you see diverse workstations and desk arrangements to suit various needs, further adding a sense of equity and inclusion to the space. The central workspace, buffer nodes, agile zones, LAB areas, and the experience center are woven together through mesh ceiling patterns, biophilia, visual displays, and eccentric graphics.

Phone Booth in Office

To sum up, the workplace design follows a hierarchy-free layout that fosters collaboration among employees and adheres to the brand’s global standards, incorporating top-of-the-line acoustic, spatial quality, and EHS solutions.

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