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A Dynamic and Modern Workplace that Fosters Growth and Productivity

Druva, Global Software Company, Pune

Druva, a renowned global company in software and IT infrastructure, had the vision to establish a workspace that combines exceptional functionality and aesthetic appeal. Thus, our aim was to foster productivity, creativity, and collaboration among employees. By integrating the most current design trends, we strived to create a well-organized and visually cohesive work environment.

IT Office Interior Design

Key Highlights

Making provision for multiple styles of work desk options to invite flexibility and collaboration in the office.

Using color blocking, textures, and patterns to create a vibrant workplace and break the monotony of neutral-toned interiors.

Integration of biophilic design elements such as indoor plants to instill a sense of tranquility and calmness in the workspace.

IT Office design
It office interior design

This workplace design reinvents the classic office interiors with a dash of flamboyance. As you enter the office, you are welcomed into a spacious lobby distinguished from the workspace through glass partitions. This promotes a sense of transparency, connectedness, and flexibility in the office. A variety of work settings such as collaborative work modules, huddle spaces, and focused workspaces are provided to aid activity-based working.

Golf Course in Office Design

Stepping further into the office, your eye meets a series of graphics and splashes of bright colors that make the workspace more lively. Moving forward, a putting green is provided for employees to take a quick break from work and rejuvenate themselves. This breakout area equips people with a physically stimulating activity to compensate for long hours of sitting. It also allows them to establish deeper connections with each other and be more creative.

IT Office Cafeteria Design

This office exudes confidence and craftsmanship, showcasing a blend of unique design elements that harmoniously blend with each other to produce a bold and appealing work environment.

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