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Embracing the Nuances of Nature with a Vibrant Workplace

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Bengaluru

Driven by a surge in growth, MUFG, the Japanese financial giant sought a new Bengaluru facility. Zyeta, in partnership with C&W, stepped in to create a vibrant workspace that seamlessly weaves together purpose and culture, mirroring MUFG’s unique spirit and prioritizing comfort, efficiency, and connection at its core.

Reception Area of MUFG office designed by Zyeta

Key Highlights

The workspace pioneers sustainability with carbon-neutral materials like bamboo, rattan, cane, and recycled wood, aligning with MUFG’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Integration of biophilia creating tranquil spaces such as zen gardens and acoustically treated areas, thereby promoting employee well-being and productivity in a serene, nature-inspired setting.

The use of reclaimed wood for furniture further amplifies sustainability efforts, imbuing spaces with rustic charm, reducing waste, and reinforcing eco-conscious design and procurement practices.

Reception Area of MUFG office

As you step in, you are immediately transported to a mystical utopia inspired by Bengaluru’s serene parks. The adventure begins in the reception area, where fluid forms and natural materials envelop you. Above, a ripple ceiling mesmerizes, reflecting light like sunbeams filtering through lush foliage or dancing on tranquil waters, adding a touch of enchantment and vibrancy, setting the tone for the journey ahead.

Collab Area designed by Zyeta

Moving past the reception, you catch a glimpse of the employee engagement area, designed to evoke the cozy nooks of a park. While warm lighting bathes the space, the use of bamboo adds an organic feel. Arched rattan screens serve as a picturesque backdrop, hinting at the high-energy work neighborhoods beyond.

Collaboration space designed for MUFG office
Collaboration zone

Light filters through the screens, casting intricate patterns and compelling you to explore further. You discover a blend of activity and tranquility in work neighborhoods cocooned around collaboration hubs, huddle spaces, and biophilia-infused buffer zones. Cane lights, swing seats, and park-style benches and lamp posts enhance the open, garden city inspired environment.

Cafeteria area of MUFG office designed by Zyeta

Continuing your journey, you arrive at the cafeteria, where warm lights, earthy brick-clad walls, and ceilings adorned with greenery create a welcoming atmosphere. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air, and the light streaming through the glazed windows adds to the perfect vibe, evoking a delightful café-like ambiance found in the park.

Cafeteria of MUFG
Hybrid collab zone designed by Zyeta

As you proceed to the meeting rooms, you notice a shift from the open, celebratory spaces to more formal settings. Yet, even here, the strategic placement ensures that natural light and views of the outdoors maintain the overarching ‘open-in-nature’ design theme.

Meeting room of MUFG by Zyeta

Each step through MUFG’s Bengaluru workspace unveils a space that beautifully integrates work with a sense of belonging. Thus, in this thoughtfully crafted environment, employees discover a sanctuary that is both inspiring and invigorating, embodying the vibrant spirit of Bengaluru.

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